Identity, Heritage, and Privilege by Liam Alexander

Identity, Heritage, and Privilege by Liam Alexander


Liam Alexander

Identity, Heritage & Privilege

Photographic based collage

2 pieces, 30” x 40” each


 I moved to Brooklyn in 2006. I am a young, hip, identifying white male artist, a quintessential gentrifier. My grandfather was born in Brooklyn in 1926, to immigrant parents from Puerto Rico, and my mother was also born in Brooklyn, in 1950.  I have the experience of gentrifying the same place that my family had occupied for generations.  What that’s like is: I have a deep longing for my roots and a deep connection to a place and also at the same time feel unwelcome or as an intruder in that same place.  This is a contradiction, one that leaves me with no particular sense of belonging.  It also raises a lot of questions for me around entitlement, heritage, and identity.  Where I (or anyone) can and should feel at home and welcome and what that means for all of us in building community together.

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