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Leather goods based in Mexico City, manufactured all by hand with the finest leather


Nicole Bell

Label birthed in SF, grew in Houston, now resides in Brooklyn. Focused on Empowering woman's expression and enabling them to be Bold, Sexy, and Powerful

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Swedish fashion brand based in Paris focused on empowering women through style.

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Kurt Lyle

NYC brand focused on adventure, freedom, and being carefree.

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Threads of PRVLG

NYC cashmere brand focused on elevating streetwear.


Kersima Knits

LA based family operated knitwear line focused on an effortless style, great quality, and sensible cost.


Third Form

Australian based contemporary label focused on feminine, redefined edge for a busy lifestyle.

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Traffic People

London based brand bringing a contemporary twist on a vintage inspired collection.

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Donna Mizzani

LA designer focused on a feminine aesthetic, celebrating the female body.

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Lucy Paris

Clothes inspired by women.

Megan Phillips Collection

NY brand empowering women through tee’s. T-shirts are focused on feminine, graphic, and classic NYC designs. All tee’s are made in lower east side, NY.

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Anita Berisha

NY based Jewlery line that translates minimal lines into wearable art.

Thesis of Alexandria

SF based minimal & contemporary jewelry brand.

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NY Jewlery brand crafted using simple and delicate geometric forms to create a modern interpretation of ancient symbols of the Zodiac. All pendants are created by a 3D printer.

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Belle Isle Design Co

Handmade Jewlery brand based in LA

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Herb Essntls

Cannabis infused skincare

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Multi-use, All Natural, Uni-Sexy skincare

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Soprano Labs

All Natural Handmade from scratch, Bath and Body Products.

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Brooklyn Candle Studio

Candle company based in Brooklyn.

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Heart Bowl

Social media Influencer Breakfast Criminals created a breakfast bowl to heal your heart. Self Love for Breakfast.

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Australian water bottle brand that is designed to fit in your bag.